Afterschool Programs

PS7 Elementary, PS7 Middle and Sacramento Charter High School all have After-School programming in order to support scholars in their own exploration of what is exciting and interesting to them, while also providing a safe space for students to be involved in extra-curricular activities.

PS7 Elementary School is supported by CHAMPS for Life to run a full after-school program which runs until 6PM each day. Scholars are chosen through a lottery basis, and enrollment is ongoing throughout the school year. In addition, PS7 Elementary also provides supervision for all scholars until 4:30PM each day. PS7 Elementary also hosts multiple clubs for scholars to become involved in such as Girls on the Run, Yearbook Club, Dance Club, and more!

PS7 Middle Schoolers are also supported by CHAMPS for Life and are able to be enrolled into the daily after-school program until 6PM. In addition to the after-school programming, PS7 Middle School offers a variety of sports, such as Cheer, Soccer, and Basketball, while also providing opportunities for clubs, such as Tumbling Club, Tutoring Club and even more!

Sacramento Charter High School has a full athletics program (see Athletics page), and also runs Dragon Academy, which hosts a plethora of clubs for students to participate in each day. Clubs range from Cooking Club to Tutoring Club to Young Moguls, Robotics, Debate and others. Students are able to sign up to participate in clubs during Club Rush Week each year!